Welcome to Squonk!

This is the home page of Squonk, the new way to get things done. By combining a number of aspects that are usually found in different software, Squonk provides a new way or working. Not only can you build and execute data driven workflows, but you can also track and version your work, as well as collaborating with others on solving problems.

Squonk will include a wide range of functionality, ranging from data acquisition, data processing, data analysis and visualisation, and writing a report on your work. All in the same place, and all you need is your web browser. Functionality will initially be in the cheminformatics and computational chemistry domains, but expect this to broaden out significantly over time. It will include commercial and open source tools and data.

Squonk is currently in alpha testing, but we will soon be looking for more people to do some initial testing and give feedback. If interested, come back here soon.

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Remember, don't stuggle with it, SQUONK IT!