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Project data - a How To guide

Your project has it's own data volume (a directory containing your projects files). That volume is accessible to any jobs and applications, providing a simple way to work with your data.

The Project tab allows you to see that data and perform simple operations on it. It's a bit like a simple file manager like Windows Explorer. It lists the files and directories that are present and allows to navigate that data.

You an also:

  • upload new files to your project
  • download files from your project
  • delete existing files
  • create a dataset from a file (see documentation on Datasets)
  • mark a file as a "favourite" to make is faster to access when running jobs
  • view the contents of text files

Not all operations you might want to do are possible from the Project tab. If you want to do more then your best bet is to launch the Jupyter Lab application in your project. That will allow you to manage your files either with the Jupyter Lab file manager or by opening up a console (bash shell). See the Running applications How To guide for more details on launching Jupyter Lab.